Lighting up urban tactics

ILLUMINACTION! Workshop at eme3, International Architecture Festival -ENG-

___Convocatoria workshop ENG


The first International Lighting Design Worlshop @Eme3 proposes an inmersive experience in the development of a practical, hands-on lighting design project. The case study offers varied and suggestive opportunties for the participants to work on several, specific applications:
– On one hand, the architectural context of a former industrial building, a historical site that has been renovated and turned into a Center for the Arts and Culture, the Fabra i Coats textile complex, driven by the municipality of Barcelona.
– The specific needs of an ephemeral architectural intervention whose programme includes workshops, talks and lectures, cultural and networking activities in the context of the Eme3 International Architecture Festival (27-31st June).
– An exhibition space where architectural and social projects will be displayed as part of an international call for projects, the Share It space, that will remain open to the public as a temporary exhibition during the month of July.


Postgraduate course in Architectural Lighting Design, Universitat Pompeu i Fabra and ELISAVA-Higher Design and Engineering School of Barcelona.
Eme3, International Architecture Festival.
Executive Production and Pedagogic Consultants:


Students or professionals of design, architecture, lighting designers, scenographers, visual artists, photographers, and anybody interested in applying the lighting language in their creative or professional field. No prior experience is needed.
Places limit: 40.nos.


Lighting Design Workshop Programme

“Preview” Sessions – COAC
On May 31st and June 14th two open introductory sessions will be held in the facilities of the Catalan Architects’ Comittee in center Barcelona (Plaça Nova, 5. 08002). The materials and lectures regarding this sessions will be accesible on the internet.

Preview Session 01: Friday 31st May 17:00-20:30.
Workshop Presentation.
1.- Presentation of the 2013 Edition of Eme3 Festival: “Topías”.

2.- Presentation of the Elisava Postgraduate course in Lighting Design.

3.- Lupercales: Learning from Temporary interventions.
Case Study

4.- Project Briefing:
a) Eme3 Plaza
b) Share It space
c) Corporate image, outdoor and façade lighting
d) Conference hall and common facilities

5.- Documentation.
Proposed Exercise 1: Project analysis and context. Visual references. Deadline: 7th June.
Workshop attendants will have access to Fabra i Coats facilities during June to study and explore the site on its own initiative.

Preview Session 02: Friday 14th June 17:00-20:30.
1.- Basic concepts of lighting technique and technology. Light sources, luminaire typologies and photometry.

2.- Technical Material for the intervention. Sponsor’s catalogue and main features.

3.- Visual tools for concept development and communication.

4.- Exercise 1 review.
Proposed Exercise 2: Concept development and sketch drawing. Deadline: 20th June.


Workshop – Fabra i Coats (Fabra i Coats Fábrica de Creació, Carrer Sant Adrià, 20. 08030 Barcelona.)
Workshop Day -1. Friday 21st June 17:00-20:00

Guided Tour to the case study with former workers of the facilities.
Groupworking: Pre-defining the concept.

Workshop Day 1. Saturday 22nd June 10:00-14:00+16:00-20:00
10:00 Groupwork
13:00 Review and put-together
14:00 Pause
16:00 Technical plots and calculations.
18:00 Hands-on light! Experimenting the materials and technique

Workshop Day 2. Sunday 23rd 17:00-21:00
Mock-ups. 1:1 scale tests.

Workshop Day 3. Monday 24th 17:00-22:00
Groupwork: Installation.

Workshop Day 4. Tuesday 25th 17:00-22:00
Groupwork: Final Set up, adjustment. Graphic and video documentation.

Eme3 2013 Opening Wednesday 27th
Guided tour through the installation.

Open Talk @Eme3
Results presentation and panel display, conclussions.



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