Lighting up urban tactics

04: IlluminActions

Fabra I Coats, Barcelona

21st-25th of June 2013

EME3 2013, International Festival of Architecture


Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering + Lupercales eme3.

Tutors: Alberto Barberá Duelo, Irene Bas, Jordi Ballesta, Paolo Portaluri

Technical support: Erco, Insta, Delta Light, Performance in Lighting, Difusiona, Viabizzuno, iGuzzini, Rosco.

 Tatiana Andreia Amaro, Blanca Amat, Francesca Bosello, Nuria Carrillo, Antonio Castells, Antonios Chatzianestis, Marta Clemente, Fabienne Cuny, Merce Esteve, Gracia Fernandez, Pau Homs, Paola Jose, Ioannis Konstantarakis, Francielle Larsien, Lina Lopes, Anna Slovinsky, Jose Luis Solbes, Andrea Soto, Toko Okuda, Elene Sulaberiaze, Alicia Camiña, Sergio Valentin Malo

Amics de Fabra i Coats, iCandela

 Álvaro Valdecantos

Here we have some picture from the workshop. The process:

1 2 3

4 5 6


8 9 10 11 12

And some picture by Álvaro Valdecantos of the results:
EME3 - 01B EME3 - 02 EME3 - 07 EME3 - 10C EME3 - 11A EME3 - 11C EME3 - 12A EME3 - 18 21 EME3 - 22 24 EME3 - 25 EME3 - 26A EME3 - 27A EME3 - 34 EME3 - 43 EME3 - 44 EME3 - 49

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